German National Team Manager Gives His Opinion On Mesut Ozil’s Form


With all the hullaballoo surrounding Mesut Ozil’s recent form, it was inevitable that sooner or later this would be brought up with Jogi Low in a public forum and the media didn’t disappoint. The German national team manager spoke with RP-online after Euro 2016 qualifying draw and Ozil’s situation was eventually brought up.

He was asked, “There are problems currently also with Mesut Ozil at Arsenal. How do you assess his situation?”

You could expect a comical response if the manager was any other buffoon like Harry Redknapp but Low was assured in his response, perhaps already mentally prepared for it.

“Mesut caught a bad day. But Mesut is used to (pressure) for Real and now at Arsenal, that shows he can handle criticism. In the national team he is an important component. I know what he can do.”

It bodes well for Mesut that he has such sensible managers who trust him implicitly and are capable of seeing beyond form cycles.

The media on the other hand has been less than forgiving. English media have excoriated him no end since the turn of the new year, most of it unfair and totally needless but the German media joined the bandwagon after Arsenal’s encounter with Bayern and had some very harsh things to say about his demeanor and his less than eye catching performance on the day.

A lot of Ozil’s detractors cite his price tag to show him in a bad light but it is unfair on him to demand that he put up eye catching performance in every game he plays simply because he cost a lot more than rest of his peers. Ozil has shown his capabilities in quite a lot of games but it is understandable that he is not having the best of times adjusting to the new league, a problem that has been encountered by many players of his ilk such as David Silva and Luis Suarez.

Ozil does not deserve to be scapegoated, what he deserves is time. He is lucky to have such level headed managers who don’t subscribe to the short “termism” of fans and the media alike.


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