Done Deal : Arsenal Completes The Sign Of Midfielder According To Sky Sports

Arsenal v Liverpool - Barclays Premier League

Flamini has agreed terms with Arsenal and is set to sign a new contract believed to be for 2 years according to sky sports. The former Ac Milan player had played for Arsenal for 3 years before leaving on a free transfer in 2009. He has been training with Arsenal for the last 2 months. Darren Dein David Dein’s son who is the agent of Flamini had reportedly met Arsenal 3 days ago to agree a deal with Arsenal.

Arsenal are looking for a new defensive midfielder and have had bids rejected for Newcastle United’s Yohan Cabaye and Juve’s Paul Pogba. If the reports are true and Flamini joins Arsenal, it will be the third time he is joining a club on a free transfer. He left Olympic Marsheille to join Arsenal the first time on a free transfer, left Arsenal in 2009 for AC Milan on a free transfer and he is set to rejoin Arsenal on a free transfer as well.

However, it is not only Arsenal that is interested in the player and until the deal is 100% done, anything can still happen. West Ham and Fulham are interested but are adamant to paying his 75,000-a-week wage. Ac Milan are also said to be interested in resigning the player should he be willing to lower his wage demands.


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  1. Shame on you Wenger, Your fu..old cow. Is this all you give us. Fans who pay the highest ticket prices in PL. You are total gone. Please go home. Retire, enjoy your life With good Food and wine, you have nothing to do in international football anylonger. Flamini, and a bulgarian kid With a name hopless to say… turn this club to be a total comedy in international football. take With you the fu…Board!

  2. Wow what a signing. With Sanogo and Flamini we have saved £70,000,000 and will now win the league and Champions league. I’m so pleased to see ‘headless chicken’ back playing for us. It seems that he now carries a compass around with him to help him figure out which way he has to face.

    1. Dis folks tink de are wiser dan demselves!!!!!!!!! How can a big club lik arsenal be decivin fans all tru de year? We keep hearin 70k al tru de transfer window not even a kobo has been spent and we want win silverware wit less dan sixteen players!!!!!!!! In A Wenger we trust, only time wil tellllllllll

      1. I agree, its times arsenal fans did something, the Board is just trying to maximize profits for their own gain by acquiring players for free..this just unacceptable and you can bet on my grandmothers name no mac quire signing will be done.The Suarez saga was just a way to silence arsenal fans and buy time..the board is a disappointment to the AFC

        1. wenger and the board saving money for arsenes wedding?or his mama burial?what a bunch of thugs in the board and f…king manager it will be 9 years,and may be this time not getting our trophy 4th.BOYCOTT EMIRATES PLEASE let wenger gazidis kroenk watch the their games themselves

        2. I agree with u even the reports we are getting all over concerning Real Madrid stirs is all fulling us till the end then they come to tell funs that they tried to sign top players but there clubs were not willing to sell.

  3. As I have said before Wenger has aged and now he’s completely insane, zero idea of what to do in life except for keep lying and plying his luck on his lucky stars. No strategy, no planning but just keep lying together with father of all bastard aka Kronke ooppss not forgetting his step son the well known Gazidis. If he thinks free stuff is good, damn fxxxxxx shit, why don’t you just go and sign your father instead!!! Bloody old man and dared to say in England the clubs are reluctant to sell to other rivalas…bastard him, who the one who sold Nasri, Clinchy, Toure all to MC, RVP for dirt cheap and ended up chasing others like Suarez, Rooney for almost the double the price what he’s getting from RVP sale..So who is the real bastard here now? Even dared to claim to be wise in economics, my foot!!! Damn you Wenger, have heart, leave!!!

  4. Wenger is out of mind!! please if u think is difficult to spend 75 pond go to hell leave our Arsenal a lone

  5. I will not say anything till the transfer window is short after all we struggled last season arsene w is waiting for the first good signing I still can’t believe it till then.

  6. To all Arsene ass lovers and AKB, keep faith in the your hopeless coach. Nitish where are you? I have not heard of you since long, praising your damn economist.
    Wenger will not buy anyone, he wants to promote his youngsters. And if he does it will only be because of fans reactions. 70m more for Stan, that is the only thing that Wenger is capable of.

  7. It is now i blived dat arsene wenger is a true baba ijebu cos he wanted 2 archieve wot is not archievable witout spendin,imagine dat!

  8. talking about this ass hole wenger make me sick,i dont see any sign of players coming to arsenal,wenger lie to fans every season is becoming to much,the fans in london should do some thin about this man,he has no human feelings he dont care about the fans,

    1. AW u åя̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ breaking ma heart I’ve love this club for over 2 decades now Ω this is åℓℓ I get from trusting u liar

  9. Wenger that is a fair try but we need more serious world class players. Strengthen the defense and the striking departments that are needy. There must be a good depth in the squad should injuries set in.

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