Do Arsenal Need A Change In Style Of Striker

Arsenal+FC+v+Montpellier+Herault+SC+-+UEFA+Champions+LeagueOver the last few years Arsenal have had a very similar style of striker. Arsene Wenger seems to have a tendency to buy target men or tall strikers. But I have been wondering is it time for a change in style of player.

Wenger has recently employed tall, lanky strikers who all excel in the air, but this is quite opposite to the style of play that our team plays, we play attractive, passing football which isn’t suited to an attacker who prefers receiving the ball in the air, rather than along the floor. Players who are weak at passing would generally slow down our play and stop a counter attack when it is in full flow, as has been the case with Giroud sometimes this season. In this case I believe a smaller, faster player with good finishing and the ability to create a chance would be much preferred, as they would continue with our flowing move rather than hinder it.

Another issue with a target man is that our full backs and wingers don’t have great crossing ability, the service provided by Sagna in particular is appalling at times, and rarely did we score from any crosses which makes having a target man pretty much pointless, as he his primary attribute was rarely used. I think the poor
crossing from full backs is also due to the clash in styles, as they would frequently practise ground passing their crossing is rarely tested and they don’t have the confidence to play crosses in during a match, this shown by Walcott and Sagna’s frequent fanning about near the right corner flag.

Sagna’s poor crossing is one of many current reasons as to why he should leave, during the last weeks of the season I am sure that I was not the only one wanting to replace Sagna with Jenkinson who had performed admirably well and shown his true potential before he was benched for Sagna.

The real question is do we want a change in style of centre forward or a change in fullbacks?


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