Deal on! Arsenal in shock as club rejects €40m bid for CB

Arsenal are easily the most linked club with the transfer of players. From the summer transfer window to the winter window, several names come as Arsenal transfer target.

According to report, Roma “turned down a €40m offer from Arsenal” for Kostas Manolas, confirmed his agent.

The centre-back is known to be a target for several top clubs around Italy and Europe, but there will be no January move.

“There’s nothing more to it than what I tell the media, which is already frankly too much,” John Evangelopoulos told Sport MS.

“I think in the summer there probably will be something, if there is something. In general in the world of football as in life, it is difficult to make predictions.

“Kostas plays well and Roma are sustaining their objectives in Serie A and Europe. Manolas is at a very good age, he’s experienced and has the characteristics we all know.

“Kostas has the chance to play at a superior level and therefore I’ll say he won’t go to China. Football in Europe has so much more to offer than money, such as fame and recognition.”

Which League would Manolas prefer to play in?

“Faith in yourself is an important factor and Kostas has a lot of self-confidence. I can’t say where he wants to play, we’d have to see which clubs were interested.

“Over the summer a proposal worth circa €40m was turned down from Arsenal for Kostas. Arsenal had already shown interest before, but then Roma’s demands were superior to the intentions of the English club.”

Chelsea have also been heavily linked with a bid for the 25-year-old Greece international.


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