Cheering – criticized Arsenal midfielder promises to step up this way

Arsenal’s mixed start to the Premier League has left them reduced to fourth position on the League table and there is yet a slight glimmer of hope.

Jack Wilshere is in the claim that he will help Arsenal end Chelsea’s winning streak when the Cherries take on the Blues on Boxing day.

The midfielder has gone from strength to strength with the Cherries, securing a regular starting spot and impressing. However, he’s still a Gunner and the 24-year-old has admitted that he wants to take points off Chelsea in order to help his parent club.

Chelsea have won their last 11 games and they are brewing with so much confidence at the moment.

Although their past few games haven’t exactly been anything to write home about, narrow 1-0 wins against West Brom, Sunderland and Crystal Palace, they’ve still found a winner, which is, annoyingly, indicative that they could well go on to win the league unless someone stops them.

Could the Cherries be that ‘someone’?

“I want to get a result to help Arsenal,” admitted Wilshere recently.

It’s a nice thought. I’m hoping Bournemouth can take at least a couple of points off our title rivals, if they really count as rivals anymore. However, I can’t see anything but a Chelsea win.


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