Cazorla Talks Up World Cup But I Hope He Hasn’t Forgetten Arsenal


Arsenal’s Spanish midfielder Santi Cazorla has spoken out his eagerness to. To play at the 2014 World Cup. The former Malaga winger missed Spain’s 2010 conquest owing to a back injury and is keen to relive the moment.

“World Cup 2014 has an extra meaning for me,”

“Unfortunately I couldn’t play in 2010 due to a back injury.

“Spain ended up lifting the trophy and not being part of that is still at the back of my mind.

“There’s nothing like playing in the World Cup and representing your country.

“I hope I can experience that and I hope the Spanish national team can bring a bit of happiness to the country.

“Spain is going through a difficult period (economically) and football is way of escape for many Spaniards. I hope we can bring home the trophy.”

“Arsenal’s Belgian or German players are already thinking about it because they have already collected their tickets to the tournament.

“The World Cup is a competition held every four years and you don’t always qualify for it. I hope to be part of it because this might be my only chance to play in a World Cup.”

Well said Cazorla and I feel your pains. Playing at the World Cup is close to the pinnacle of a player’s international football while winning it is the pinnacle of player’s footballing career. For Cazorla, he hasn’t experienced either as he wasn’t part of the Spanish squad to South Africa.

While he is still anticipating the 2014 World Cup, he shouldn’t forget Arsenal’s needs which are more pressing and close. The best way to go into a World Cup is to have a good season at the club and also end the season on the high. If Arsenal end the season successfully, he would go into the World Cup with confidence and that
would heighten his chances of having a successful tournament.


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