Breaking: Why Leicester City’s Riyad Mahrez Did Not Reject Arsenal

The announcement of Leicester City that Arsenal target Riyad Maherz had signed an improve contract and extended his stay at the KingPower Stadium was one that hurt the fans of Arsenal.

Expectations was high on the part our part as we thought Mahrez would fit in perfectly to our style of play and ideology. However, our dreams and fantasy of seeing him lace his boot for us was dashed by the announcement.

There were several reasons deduced as to why the player snubbed us and preferred as “one season wonder” Leicester City. The player has revealed himself why he chose the Champions over us.

For your information, here’s what Riyad actually said when he spoke to LCTV, “I’m happy to continue my adventure with Leicester City. It’s been a pleasure to be here for the last two-and-a-half years, so I’m going to keep going here.

“I live day after day. I’ve achieved good things with this club. All the players have said congratulations. It’s good – they are happy, and it is good to keep all the players in the team. 

“It’s important because last season we achieved the best thing we could in England. We’ve done an amazing season and it was important to keep the players to keep the same spirit as well. 

“Our football has a lot of energy, so if all the players keep their mentalities right, I think we can do something good this year.

“I’m very happy to be here and I know the club is happy to sign me, so I thank them as well.”

A brutal rejection, eh?

He probably doesn’t see Arsenal as title contenders that why he chose to stay put at his club.


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