Breaking! Wenger delivers January transfer window news, Fans will be delighted

Ahead of the opening of the January transfer window, Arsene Wenger has revealed that Arsenal are no longer shy to spend, claiming that they can match the spending powers of top European clubs.

According to the report, the long-serving Gunners boss claims that the club can now match the spending of the likes of Manchester City, and hailed their financial strength.

The Gunners have breakthrough in deal for Hector Bellerin but talks have been stalled with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez over wage disagreement.

with his recent claim, Arsenal might be able to meet the demand of the aforementioned players.

When quizzed by Daily Star, Wenger said “We can keep our players. We are financially much more competitive than we were before.

“We were always competitive but we had to sell our players, that is the big difference. Today we can make the decision.

“Today I feel we can give financial satisfaction and support ambitions and values that can make the players happy at this club.

“Before, perhaps the financial gap was too big a difference to keep our players – we could not compete, we had to sell players.

“Bellerin signing is what has changed. It is no secret in football that if you want to achieve on the pitch you need good players. There is no magician.

Ozil and Sanchez both have just 18 months left on their current deals, while Wenger is also working to negotiate new contracts for Olivier Giroud, Santi Cazorla and Francis Coquelin.


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