Breaking! Shock in London as Arsene Wenger announces his resignation as Arsenal manager

Arsene Wenger has subtly revealed to Arsenal legend Ian Wright that he is leaving at the end of the season.

The former Gunners striker, who played under Wenger when the Frenchman first arrived in English football over 20 years ago, expects his old boss to finally step down after a long and distinguished career in the Premier League.

Wenger has come under fire of late for what looks like another failed attempt at the title with Arsenal, who are twelve points off the pace after back-to-back defeats to Watford and Chelsea.

The 67-year-old has three titles to his name as Arsenal boss, but the last of those came all the way back in 2004, and many have felt for some time now that he should step down.

Wright suggested that Wenger has all but given away his plans, and he does not expect him to stay on at the Emirates Stadium beyond the end of this campaign.

‘I was with the boss last night and if I’m going to be totally honest I think that’s it,’ Wright told BBC 5 Live.

‘I was with him for a few hours last night and we’re talking and obviously he didn’t say to me “I’m leaving at the end of the season”, but I just get the impression looking at him that, you know, that’s it.

‘I think that’s it. He actually mentioned while we were talking last night that it’s coming to the end. I’ve never heard him say that.

‘He looked winded, like someone who has whopped him in the stomach.

‘Do I feel he will go at the end of the season? I think he will.’



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