Breaking: Petr Cech Reveals Some Arsenal Players Are Unhappy With Wenger Transfer Market Antics

There was so much despair and exasperation in the last weekend resulting from Arsenal’s shock defeat to Liverpool at the Emirates.

It seems we were not the only people disappointed at the colossal lose.

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech crashed his Audi RS7 sports car after the game last Sunday but he has revealed what happened that resulted to the accident.

Thank God he was unhurt but fans made insinuations that the player was very unhappy about the current state of Arsenal.

He said: “What happened is I hit a pillar, that’s the reality. How it happened is difficult to say.

“But it was one of those days where nothing is really happening.

“We were just getting out of the car park and talking about the game and suddenly I just heard ‘careful’ and that was it.

“Nothing happened to anyone, everybody else was fine. We were going very slowly, obviously in a car park you can’t go any faster than a few miles an hour.

“So that was the lucky part of it.”

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