Breaking News, Wenger Reveals He Cannot Win The Premier League

pep and wenger

The English Premier League is not only the most viewed and followed League in the world, the League has now become the most experienced clustered League in terms of the coaches handling the big teams of the League.

In this summer, we have seen Jose Mourinho returned to Manchester United after a disappointing spell with Chelsea, Antoine Conte left the Azurris and is with Chelsea and we have the tiki-tika genius now with Manchester City.

The battle for top-four will be interesting and Wenger has revealed that the influx of the aforementioned manager will make life difficult for him.

And while Wenger accepts the task will be difficult for his Arsenal squad this term, the Frenchman admitted he is looking forward to the challenge ahead.

“It’s great because it’s a little bit like a world championship of managers because all the best managers come to England to make our lives even more difficult,” he said, speaking after the Gunners 3-1 pre-season win over Chivas in Los Angeles.

The EPL season starts a few days and we are sure to see a lot of drama from the sidelines and Wenger should brace himself for the challenge than lament.

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