Breaking News: Frugal Wenger Reveals He Will Not Sign French Player


The transfer market is gradually winding to a stop, thanks to time regulation in the market.

The characteristic of the modern transfer is such that the transfer  fee for players are inflated and every manager must come to terms with the fact else they would not sign quality players.

In what might become the most expensive deal in the world, manager United is looking to secure the services of France born Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba in a 100million Pounds deal. This has been described as complete madness by Arsenal manager  Monsieur Wenger.

When Quizzed about the deal, Wenger by Tuttosport as saying:

“It’s complete madness when measured against real life , but we live in a world in which everything that happens is geared towards moving money around.”

Wenger has been accused of being frugal in the transfer market as he is yet to spend even half of that amount on a player. Arsenal most expensive signing ever is Mesut Ozil and he was signed for about 42million Pounds.

Speaking further, Wenger also claims it is a senseless investment.

“Does it make sense because the player can deliver a return on that investment? I don’t think anyone can make that call.

“Since I’ve been in the game I’ve always thought there would be a limit to how much clubs could spend on a player but it looks like I’ve been proved wrong.

Although, I think 100million Pounds is quite a colossal amount for a player, Wenger should be come to terms that there is inflation in the market.

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