Breaking: Nacho Monreal hands transfer request Arsenal

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Arsenal favorite Nacho Monreal is being linked with a move to Real Sociedad, which is fine, but there has to be an opposite and hopefully equal reaction.

Nacho Monreal had an amazing stretch of a couple months last year where he was everything to Arsenal. He could do no wrong, he was a dominant force, always popping up where he needed to be, and it helped drive him to the No. 2 most valuable player on the team.

There were problems around that magnificent stretch though. Problems that involved his increasing age and the effect it was having on his ability to play out wide, where speed is constantly being utilized against you.

Playing centrally on defense, he has the instincts, but not the size or strength. Which leaves him in a tough middle ground.

Overall, it’s a sensible move. Monreal doesn’t have much gas left in the tank and he may well be better served individually playing in Spain, where less will be asked of him on a weekly basis.


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