Breaking: Mustafi confirm Arsenal exit? – Latest Arsenal News

Breaking: Mustafi confirm Arsenal exit?

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Mustafi is out the Arsenal door and ‘double jeopardy’ rule is a farce

Holiday over for me, a week in the sun of Italy and wouldn’t you know it, they’re not really making a big deal of the competition in Naples?

Huh, who’d have thunk it?

I could probably talk to you about all of the different Arsenal-related stuff that has gone on whilst I’m away but no doubt you’ve read countless other takes on the signing of Bernd Leno, the slow edging of a potential signing in Torreira and Sokratis, so you don’t really need me bleating on about stuff that has happened as some kind of pointless recap.

I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, let’s move on to the present. Which is, umm, still about those players as the Sokratis signing looks like it’ll happen any second now. My initial impressions a few weeks back were that this one seemed to be dragging its heels a little bit but as I was told – and many of you probably also know – the deal was due to the need to push the actual transfer in to the next German financial year for Dortmund. So that’s why it’s happening now instead of in June.

I guess it’s fair enough. He’s not at the World Cup, Arsenal probably don’t mind and it’s not exactly like we’ve started any pre-season training up until this point, so it hasn’t really affected anyone. He’ll sign in the next day or so, join his new teammates at the beginning of their training for the August kick off, then hopefully be bedded in for the start of the campaign.

Someone must surely go though. If Chambers is signing a new deal it ain’t him, if Holding is believed in and already signed a new deal recently it probably isn’t him and with Koscielny injured until the end of the year at least he’ll still be around. To me that points in one direction to an exit and that man is Shokdran Mustafi.

I know he’s got is foibles and can drive us all insane with his desire to go to ground as he is, but to me it feels like we’ve bought a similar player to him in Sokratis and I can’t see how Emery and Mislintat do that without offloading someone. A team like ours doesn’t need five centre halves for two positions. It just doesn’t make sense and especially as we have the potential of Söyüncü arriving and Monreal who can also act as an auxiliary centre half.

So essentially what I’m saying is that I reckon Mustafi is going to be offloaded this summer.

I guess only time will tell though. We’ll see how that unfolds in the coming weeks.


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