Breaking: Max Meyer confirms Arsenal move

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Sporting director Christian Heidel is the reason the midfielder has decided to leave the club – not a desire to earn more money

Max Meyer’s time at Schalke is coming to an ugly end after the young midfielder accused people of “bullying” him and revealed sporting director mak is the reason he is leaving.

Meyer had long been linked with a move away from Schalke after he entered the final year of his contract, which he will not be extending.

Heidel confirmed on Thursday that Meyer was “definitely” on his way out, insisting it was an “amicable” agreement.

But club president Clemens Tonnies said two days that later both Meyer and Leon Goretzka – who is leaving for Bayern Munich at the end of the season –are on “the money train” .

Meyer says money has nothing to do with his exit, instead pointing the finger at Heidel.

“I was never concerned about the money, otherwise I would have accepted the second improved offer,” Meyer told Bild .

“That’s why I find it a mess for Clemens Tonnies to say it on TV as if it were all about money. I simply did not want to stay with Schalke and work under Heidel. It’s all about this. Lately, it just feels like bullying to me.

“I did not want to come out and talk. I’ve just had enough of always reading something about myself, but neither Heidel nor Tonnies talked to me.

“Now they can read how the last two years have been for me at Schalke.”


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