Breaking: Lucas Torreira Arsenal deal confirmed

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.Lucas Torreira looks like he’s on his way to Arsenal, if his father is to be believed.

The young Uruguayan star is doing well for his country at the current World Cup, and could be the tackler to solve many of the Gunners’ midfield problems.

His father has reassured the doubters, however, who see this move as being too big for the 22-year-old.

“There will be people that will accompany him,” he told Teledoce.

“He won’t be alone. It’s a big change [going to England] and we don’t want to think about it yet because we’re scared.

“The truth is it’s tough to manage the language, adapt to the [London] society and customs and at the same time not lose ours.

“But there’s a whole programme getting readied for Lucas.” The Gunners are preparing for life after Arsène Wenger, whose midfield lacked bite in recent years.

According to Opta, Torreira was the best Serie A players last season when it came to winning the ball back….


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