Breaking: Raniery & Leicester City Confirms Mahrez To Arsenal Is Done – 5Years Deal Agreed

To think that Arsenal and Monsieur Wenger will still be dabbling and fumbling in the transfer window till the opening week of the Premier league is disheartening.

Arsenal lost the Premier league title to Leicester City on the backdrop of lack of depth in the injury-susceptible squad. This you’d expect to be a motivating factor for Wenger who seem to yet be basking in the ambiance of the transfer market of yesteryears. Somebody should please wake him up to reality that quality players don’t come cheap any more.

Yesterday, the media was awash with reports that Arsenal had 30million Pounds bid for Mahrez rejected but went back with another 35million that was rejected too. The same journalist that’s was peddling the report yesterday has emerged with another, claiming that wenger is in the want of Mahrez and that a deal is close for the player.


It seem Claudio Raniery has given up his hold on the Algerian International. He admitted that that even though he wants the player to with the Champions, his action may eventually be contrary to his desire.

Ahead of Leicester’s opening Premier League clash at Hull, Ranieri was asked by a reporter: ‘You’ve always said you won’t keep any player that’s unhappy. You only want players to be here.

‘Are you convinced that Riyad Mahrez wants to be here?’

To which Ranieri responded: ‘Well yes, but sometimes a manager says one thing and does another thing.’

The problem i think with Arsenal and Mahrez is Wenger’s Frugality. The right sum will see Leicester City let the player off their radar.

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