Big DEAL – Scout in Germany confirms contact with Wenger over record deal

Despite being criticized for his stereo-typed coaching style, Arsene Wenger is a part of the success story of several footballers including Moritz Volz.

Volz was more known for scoring the 15k goal of the Premier League and he was one of the players that ascended through grades of Arsenal academybefore moving to Fulham.

Now back in Germany, Volz is working as a scout for Arsene Wenger, looking to help Arsenal recruit the very best on offer in the country. Volz specialises in South Germany for Arsenal, but covers the whole country.

This week the 33 year old has been speaking to German magazine Kicker, and was asked about his role for Arsenal. Confirming that he’s looking to help the club sign new players, Volz was then asked if he reports directly to Wenger.

 “The contact with him is never lost, but there is of course further contact with Arsenal for me. What is important is that I see the players and games with the eyes of the club.”
Volz explained that when he’s looking at potential recruits he has to do so with Arsenal’s philosophy paramount in his thoughts.

The former footballer’s time at Arsenal helps him understand what Wenger wants, and Volz told Kicker that many of the staff remain the same from when he was there.


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