Big Blow! Hector Bellerin’s yet to recover from Alonso clash

Arsenal hope of ending the Premier League trophy drought was ended by Chelsea last weekend.

Hector Bellerin will have to wait until Friday before he can return to training after suffering a concussion against Chelsea as he awaits the results of an MRI scan.

Bellerin was knocked clean out by Marco Alonso’s elbow – a clear foul that has induced mass delusion across the UK’s media. FA guidelines advise that a player should be given complete rest and then gradually eased back into play. The also advise an initial rest period of 14 days. Not that any club listens to this advice.

Complete rest means, in the FA’s own words, avoiding:

• Physical activities such as running, cycling, swimming, physical work activities etc.

• Cognitive activities (thinking activities), such as school work, homework, reading, television, video games. Students with a diagnosis of concussion may need to have allowance made for impaired cognition during recovery, such as additional time for classwork, homework and exams

The Sun reveal in an exclusive that the medics at Arsenal are awaiting the results of an MRI scan before making a decision regarding Bellerin’s fitness for the Hull game.

He is expected to be fit for Bayern Munich, 11 days after his head injury.

It’s only a brain, who really needs to look after it properly?


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