BBC breaks latest on Wenger’s management job

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Arsene Wenger was not considered in the list of people to be Manchester United’s caretaker-manager until the end of the season, according to the BBC after Jose Mourinho was sacked on Tuesday morning.

Manchester United released a statement on Tuesday to reveal that Mourinho had been let go by the club. They added that a caretaker-manager will be appointed until the end of the season, at which point a full-time manager would get the job.

This led to plenty of speculation about who might take up the role in the meantime. Arsene Wenger was one of the names thrown around, considering he still doesn’t have a new club after leaving Arsenal.


However, the BBC have ruled out that possibility, writing that although the candidate will indeed be drawn from outside the club, it “will not be former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger”.

In all honesty, there was never really any possibility of that appointment happening, even if United were interested in it.

Wenger has already said he wouldn’t want to manage another English club and come up against Arsenal.

Plus, you’d think a man of his ambition wouldn’t settle for a temporary job where he’s only there to steady the ship.

We’ll have to see where Wenger ends up next year, but it won’t be at Old Trafford.

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