Bad News! 31-year-old Arsenal Midfielder Confirms Deal With La Liga Club

According to Dailycannon

“Arsenal recently released Ladies forward, Natalia Pablos Sanchon, who now admits that she’s happy to return to Spain just one season in London.

The writing was on the wall for Pablos Sanchon after she found it difficult to get game time at Arsenal, despite the team struggling for goals. The squad needed trimming after bringing in Kim Little and Natalia, along with Vicky Losada and Marta Corredera, were the first to be cut.

Speaking with Spanish media outlet,  AS, Natalia admitted that her final year in north London wasn’t great and she seemed relieved to have returned to her homeland

“After four years I am very happy to go home,” the forward said.

“The latter year was long because of sporting circumstances but the other three went by quickly.”

It’s always a shame when players have to be released and although letting Natalia go wasn’t a poor decision, it must still sting. Even though she gets to go home, being rejected must be tough to take.

Natalia went on to reveal that she hopes to end her career in Spain, which is part of the reason it’s good that she returned now, as she’s 31.

“Now many factors have come together such as my age; I would like to finish my career in Spain and I’m back at the right time.”


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