Arsenal’s 10 Games Unbeaten Run A Fluke? A Look At The Facts

Arsenal goal celebrationArsenal are ridding high in the Premier League after securing 5 straight wins on the back of the shock loss to Aston Villa. While Arsenal fans are on cloud nine, opposing fans and some pundits have been quick to attribute Arsenal’s smooth sailing to the calibre of opposition the Gunners have played. Of all the teams in EPL top 6, Arsenal have only played Spurs which has made pundits to doubt if the Gunners can stand the test of playing against the real title

While that might be an interesting point, it holds little water. I don’t believe there is any minnow in the EPL. Just like Arsenal suffered a shock loss against Aston Villa, Liverpool have suffered theirs against Southampton, City got theirs against Villa and Cardiff, Chelsea got theirs against Everton while Manchester United had theirs against West Brom. Which of Villa, Cardiff, West Brom or Southampton is a top team? If the teams Arsenal have played (Stoke, Sunderland, Swansea and Fulham) are adjudged as minnows then, those that put the so called big teams to the sword are not better than the minnows Arsenal beat.

I know Arsenal will be judged on their results against their direct rivals and with our handling of Spurs and Napoli in the Champions League, I don’t see us having any reason to fret. Our title rivals are struggling at the moment and will loathe playing us now. This is our best time to play them.

For those saying we are having a good run because our opponents are small teams should also note that we have our key players out but they would be available for our clash against the top teams. If we are playing so well without them, they can imagine how much better we would play when they return.


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  1. Interesting article and there is some facts that many have forgotten one of them is every opponent in PL are and can be difficult and they have proved it already. Wenger has said that so many times that we take every team serious no matter what the name of teams is, and I think one of key of our succes until now is because every team is ManU or Chealse for us and we take them serious this the key of our good run and we have to continue this understanding until end of season.

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