Arsenal To Cancel Emmanuel Frimpong’s Contract?

emmanuel-frimpong_2286328bArsenal’s Ghanaian youngster Emmanuel Frimpong might have put an abrupt end to his career after he caused uproar on twitter yesterday. In a careless and uncensored statement, he accused Arsenal manager of been a racist.

“LOL I wanna laugh”. Before adding: “Sometimes I wish I was white and English #realtalk”.

“Not every tweet is football related”.

“Look whatever you read tomorrow has majorly been twisted. Is a joke what people will do to start controversy goodnight people”.

What a foul mouthed goof. What did he mean by sometimes he wished he was white and English? Was he accusing Wenger of been racist? If that was the intention, nobody will even take him seriously. How many black players are in the current Arsenal team (Sagna and Chamberlain). They have had their fair share of chances and Arsenal have had a legion of black players with all of them getting their fair share of opportunities.

If Frimpong isn’t getting games, it is down to him not been good enough and also injury prone. In a bid to step him up. Arsenal sent him on loan to Fulham but he couldn’t stand his ground there while his mate Jack Wilshere stunned everyone while at Bolton. If he wasn’t really rated at the club, they would have sold him to a championship club.

It is shame that Frimpong has shut down his Arsenal career with his unguarded tongue and uncensored statements. I doubt if Wenger will forgive a racist accusation levelled against him by his player. With his contract expiring in the summer, he might just start packing his bags. Doubt if he would ever see a game again in an Arsenal shirt.

Nobody really cares about the subsequent tweets, as far as I am concerned they were just attempts at damage control when the collateral damage had already been done. What was he thinking when he voiced out such trash? If Wenger didn’t believe in him, would he have given him chances? 2 seasons ago, he started against Liverpool in a Premier League match? The fact there remains that he has been his own nemesis. His refusal to grow up and seize the opportunities when presented him has been his major bane. Rather than blame his skin colour and nationality, he should blame his complete dependence on muscle and brawn rather than brain and intelligence. It will not surprise me one bit if Frimpong’s contract is canceled by the club.


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  1. Funny how u tried to justify that Arsene Wenger isn’t racist by naming only Sagna & Ox Chambo who is half white lol so u basically named 1 & a half black players getting into the arsenal team u could add Walcott make it two blacks then add Gibbs and make it 2 & a half black players out of 25+ that sounds very equal doesn’t it ??? Btw just in case u think I’m backing Frimpong I’m not just didn’t think u needed to add that CSKA Moscow have more black players than us & they are truly Racist

  2. Black or no black,u can prove yourself that u can be a worldclass player someday if u were given d chance-through hardwork and commitment…am vry convinced,wenger doesnt waste talents..

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