Arsenal To Announce Deal For Player Like Aguerro, Player On His Way To London

With the summer transfer window few days away from being shut, the media are still taking a possible Arsenal interest in their transfer target Mauro Icardi, per Sportwitness.

The report stated that the player is expected to make a trip to London to ascertain the possibility of a completing a move to Arsenal. However, we believe there is no real interest from Arsenal but this might just be a gimmick by the player wife who doubles as his agent to get an improved deal for the player.

Inter Milan are growing tired of the situation, and that would surely make a sale more possible if a reasonable bid was made. In their Tuesday edition, Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport say that a possible trip to London is on the cards, to understand the ‘true intentions’ of Arsenal.

Arsenal are believed to be more interested in Aleksandre Lacazette and Riyad Mahrez but we cannot rule out the possibility of this report. Notwithstanding, Icardi will be available for a cheaper price that the aforementioned duo.


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