Arsenal Sees Encouragement In Pursuit Of 40m Pounds Striker

Martinez. The Porto man has opened the door to a move to a top club.

“The years are passing and one day I hope to make a good transfer. It clearly depends on Porto, a club that sells its players so well. Leaving or staying depends on Porto but I will only go if there is something concrete.”

Guess his statement is a clear invitation to Arsenal to pounce. He said if a good offer comes in. Surely, Arsenal can offer him a mouth-watering contract that would dwarf the pittance he is earning at Porto. Not only that, they can also offer him Champions League football constantly unlike Tottenham that the competition has turned into a mirage for. They are still chasing it.

He also revealed that it depends on Porto. That alone is another good news. The Portuguese giants are a selling club, they will sell any player provided his clause is met. Just like the past juggernauts, Martinez also has his own price-tag which means Arsenal can get him if they are ready to pay the price. I don’t think they will cower at the sight of his pricetag. Reports have it that he carries a buy-out clause of 35 million Pounds. If the Gunners could bid 40million Pounds for Suarez, then they can trigger the Columbian’s release clause.

He is certainly worth the price as he has the makings of a world-class forward. He shows phenomenal strength on the ball, has good pace, he’s very quick in making decisions and has a very impressive passing range for a striker. However, it is his versatility as a front-man that has made him one of the most sought-after players in Europe. He can be a very effective target man and bring his teammates into the game while also being a prolific goal-scorer. In addition, he also has all the hallmarks of a classic goal-poacher and always seems to be at the right place at the right time.

What other qualities does he need to succeed at Arsenal? He already has all the necessary skills that will help him integrate into the Arsenal team. Getting him won’t be so easy because of Chelsea’s interest but if Arsene move fast and early enough, he might just get his man and could by implication also be getting the Premier League title.


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