Arsenal Is Broke, Have As Much Money To Spend As Everybody Says – Wenger

Arsene Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has told the media that Ivan Gazidis is a liar and the club does not have as much money has the South African has told the fans and the media the club has. Earlier this summer, doing a question and answer session with a section of the club’s fans, the South African told the media Arsenal has much money to spend. He even went as far as saying the club can afford to purchase expensive players such as Wayne Rooney whose transfer fee is not only almost double of Arsenal’s current transfer record but as well on wages that is way beyond what the highest earner at Arsenal is getting.

A lot of newspapers have reported that Arsenal has as much as 70 million pounds to spend with daily mirror reporting Arsenal have as much as 80 million pounds to spend and some other bloggers claiming the club can afford to spend as much as 100 million on new players.

Wenger has however denied these reports saying :

“Yes, I’m confident that we’ll make the signings we need because of the desire of the players to join us,” said the Frenchman.

“There’s also the fact that while we maybe don’t have as much money as everybody writes, we have some funds available to do transfers.”

This may way be that Wenger is deliberately making it sound to other clubs as though Arsenal is skint just so to avoid paying high prices for players. However, if it is true that we do not have as much money as Wenger says, then lot of questions need to be asked and answered.

Could it be that the club’s official end of the year financial results have been doctored? Or are the funds reported in the results not meant to be spent on the team?

Could it mean funds are been siphoned by the American majority owner? So much questions that only the club can provide answers to.


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  1. Kroenke has got to get off the fence and decide, Wenger or Gazidis? It is quite clear the two of them are singing from a different hymn sheet.

    I suspect that Wenger is actually saying what Kroenke wants to hear – and that little of the £123m shown in their own accounts is in danger of being spent.




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