Arsenal Don’t Need Another ‘Van Persie’ In Wanyama


It was reported some days ago by Sun that Arsenal were keen on Celtic midfielder Victor Wanyama in their search for a new defensive midfielder. It seemed Wenger had caught a big fish but with the recent revelation of his agent, it seems Arsenal are after a player that is keener on his own ambitions rather than the club’s glory. A player that sees the Gunners as a stepping stone to a bigger move to possibly Manchester United.

His agent speaking said “He is still young and I have told him he needs to be careful about when he takes the really big step. I think myself that it’s better that he has a step in between before going to the really big level. Celtic play nice football. But every competition is different and the English Premier League is the really big one. It’s just a question of what level Victor goes to.

Van Persie went to Arsenal then moved on later to Manchester United. Victor can do the same if he goes to Arsenal. And I believe that is what he wants. He wants to go to Arsenal”.

From the utterance of the agent, it is clear he doesn’t rate Arsenal highly. Manchester United is that so called big club but he wants to garner experience before going there. He sees Arsenal as that experience gathering place. For long we have longed for a long term replacement for Patrick Viera. Flamini who was tipped to replace him left at the height of his powers owing to sheer avarice while Diaby has been too injury prone to stand a chance of replacing his legendary countryman. Arsenal cannot afford to tie the long term future of their defensive midfield to another ‘Van Persie’. If Wanyama wants Arsenal so he can end at Manchester United, then he can as well not come at all. There are better options in Capoue and Gonalons.

Wenger cannot continue been the best scout in Manchester. If Manchester United want the best talents, let them scout them instead of stealing ours.


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  1. You need to ask yourself, how many player will like to move after winning local league, champion league with a club.
    Which of the present member of Arsenal can publicly say they will be in Arsenal after 4 years without winning anything?
    Rather than blaming those boys with ambition, why don’t you write a better report about what Arsenal FC are doing to encourage those boys from not thinking about moving away from Arsenal?

    1. I hope Nasri is looking for a new club now that man city is also trophyless . I wish those ambitious boys good luck if that is the direction of their ambition.

  2. Wenger is building a team that will win the title. What makes you think he will want to move to another club once we start winning cups. And if he does want to move we will make a profit and buy a better player. Because the best players will notice that the power has shifted. Dont be negative. let him come we will use HIM as the stepping stone….

  3. God bless u lorence for dis wonderful qts.arsene wenger or wot ever his name is called shd ask his self a qts.y did play leave for anoda club?if he cn get d answers rite,dat is if he cn get d answer rite.he ll kn dat he is responsible for all d nonsens dat had been happenin in emirate.if u doubt me,ask urself dis qts,cn u go on wit a biz for 2months dat brings u pain n lack of profit?let a lone a player dathad played for 4gud season witot trophy.hw did u expect dem to feel.y wnt de go to oda club where de cn win silvere wears.

  4. how many players has arsenal let go?,its time we thought about what the player can proved while at arsenal,rather than criticize him even before he signs for the club…..wanyama is a quilty player n surely will provide good defensive cover for our back four

  5. It’s clear that we (arsenal) are going for another A.Cole, Nasri and of recent, RVP in so called ‘Wanyama’. He’s ‘ungrateful’ to Celtic of which he’ll do the same to us ‘if’ eventualy signed. He’s a ‘good’ but self centred ‘Mercenary’. We don’t need another traitor again. Look before you leap ‘Wenger’

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