Arsenal Can Only Sign One Of Fabregas And Fellaini : Who Will You Sign

Enemies set to become friends?
Enemies set to become friends?

Rumours have been rife in the last couple of days about Arsenal meeting Marouane Fellaini’s release clause of £22 million, however this has been denied by all parties, but they would never say otherwise, so it seems a deal is still very possible. There have also been rumours in the British and Spanish press about Fabregas returning to Arsenal. However I don’t believe that there is space in our midfield for both of them.

There is no doubt that the signing of Fellaini would be massive for Arsenal, both being a great addition to our squad as well as showing our ambition. He would also add steel to our current midfield, steel which we haven’t had since the days of Vieira, which was also the last time that we won a trophy, which can’t be a coincidence. Fellaini has said that he prefers to play in defensive midfield, a position that if he played for Arsenal would not only protect the defence, but also allow our other, more attacking midfielders to push forward and create more chances.

However, I think that recently our defence has been improving and there are questions as to the need for a defensive midfielder, in addition to that the possibility of our young hero Fabregas returning is tantalising and there is no way that we could possibly reject the opportunity to resign our previous skipper. There is talk of him returning to Arsenal due to a lack of game time, although he stilled proved last year that he is a superb player, racking up the second largest amount of assists for Barca.

Despite wanting both of these players, realistically we will likely only get one of them, mostly because we have too many good central midfielders and I don’t think that Arsene will bid for both of them, despite the fact that our midfield would look incredible with Fellaini and Fabregas, therefore there is the argument for which player would be better for Arsenal. Fellaini would bring strength to our side but Fabregas a more creative side and flair.

My head says we need A string enforcer in Fellaini but my heart says Fabregas our one time favourite.

Who would you prefer out of the two?


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  1. Being realistic we need a good DM more than a midfielder of which we are well stocked.
    Cesc is extremely unlikely to be back this year but next if his situation does not improve could be different.
    Now that is tantalising, having the positions strengthened now that are lacking now so we can compete again and then having both of them within 2 yrs would be ok by me

  2. We need both of them. Fabregas is a creative player that can support Santi Carzola as i have noticed and Santi doesn’t perform well in big matches cos he’s almost always marked out. But with Fabregas by his side it will be difficult for any team to mark out both of them. Fellaini will add steel to our defensive midfield

    1. cec fabrigas is ok for arsenal beacouse cec is always knw patern play in arsenal fild so fab is ok

  3. The female plays a big part in a players life, SLAG or WAG, she`s there and it`s important to know how stable their relationship is before committing to millions of pounds. Based on that alone I`d go for Fellaini, Cesc doesn`t convince me he has it under control.

  4. I would prefer both of them cos d addition of the players (Fellaini and Fabregas) will boost d club performance in d next season.

  5. Marouane Fellaini.

    Arsenal doesn’t need another creative midfielder. We need a strong player like Fellaini in mid.

  6. I prefer fellaini to fabregas bcos we need a good defensiv midfielder rather than creativ midfielder bcos we can manage that department with the likes of arteta, wilshere, rosciky, carzola, eisfield if promoted and others.

  7. We could buy Felliani and he wants to leave in a couple of seasons, no loyalty. Fabregas is a nephew of ours and if he comes back there is only one place he is going back to his daddy Barca. We need loyalty, look at Koscielny first teamshows interest and he is talking about leaving. Personally I would go for Cesc and get Wanyama he loves Arsenal too and would be far cheaper than 22 mill.
    However there is another issue with Fabregas arriving, where would he play. We need an enforcer like Fellaini or Wanyama. Cesc cannot displace Santi, So he competes directly with Wilshere.

    So I agree with the earlier sentiment. My heart says Cesc my mind Felliani

  8. It all boiled dawn to who we can get. Between them, who will love to play for arsenal if they come calling? To me, felliani would like to play for arsenal next season but cesc would nt like to return next season from a club he fought so hard last 2 seasons to join(barca).Apart frm this, felliani in our team will make us stronger nd can nt be bullied by other clubs again but if we sign only cesc, yes we will be creative but fragile. Would choose felliani nd lars bender nd Grenier. Fabrigas should stay one more season at barca nd then come back home.

  9. Fab wil be a great additn 2 us or our squad cos he wl add quality nd depth 2 our midfield hwever i prefer fellaini cos he’s strong,agile nd experienced.we need a defensiv midfielder nd i tink dat is his best positn nd can help our defenders alot

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