Arsenal announce massive big deal

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Arsenal have smashed it. Puma are out, Adidas are in. Great news. They supplied some of the best kits we’ve worn I reckon, them and Nike. Puma are expected to supply Man City with their kit in the near future.

An annual £60m deal with Adidas, puts Arsenal third in the list of most lucrative kit deals in the game. Only Barcelona and their deal with Nike worth £140m a year and that horrid lot up in Manchester are also backed by Adidas which earns them £75m a year better the deal we’re reported to have struck.\

1986 – 1994 was Adidas. Two two league titles were won during that time before Nike breezed in and stayed for the next twenty years. It’s fair to say that Nike probably enjoyed seeing their name on our kit during the first decade.

Rumour has it that Adidas are set to bring back the yellow and blue kit. I’d love it to be similar to the one Frank McLintock looked good in, although I believe Umbro we’re responsible for that one but there was something about it which looked super good. They all looked tidy in that kit.

Adidas did bring out a yellow and blue kit of their own back in the day but it wasn’t quite as smart I thought. Although Wrighty seemed to like wearing it.

I’ll be glad to see the back of Puma as some of their kits have been awful. Even now with pink on the sleeves! Still, at least they introduced a zip into Arsene Wengers coat which he could actually operate. The media milked that story eh.

For a bit of fun during this boring two week break, which kit would like Adidas to bring back, or would you rather something new?

No pink though eh, no black either. Just red and white for the home kit. Blue and yellow for the away kit, that would be my choice anyway.

Finally, it seems Aaron Ramsey is a wanted man. AC Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Man Utd, they all want the Welshman. Tough decision for Arsenal really because they have to either sell to a rival in January, or let him walk for free in the summer. Ramsey of course might have other ideas though. He could just stay on until the end of his contract and see who offers the best deal in the summer.

International fixtures kick off tonight and funny enough it’s Wales who feature. They’re up against Spain if anyone is interested.


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