Another Gunner Set To Join Tottenham

Carlos Vela

What won’t Spurs do to try and catch up with Arsenal? They have changed coaches the way a baby changes diapers and have also splashed the cash, all to no avail. Seems the next tactic in the long list of their failed tactics is to buy former Arsenal players. They think the players made the success.

In the past, they’ve bought Bentley (massive flop), Adebayor (a season wonder), Gallas (more of a liability than asset), now, they turned to Carlos Vela. According to AS, Spurs were on his trail in the summer before finally settling for Soldado.

If Bentley, Adebayor and Gallas couldn’t get them to leapfrog Arsenal, shouldn’t that tell them that it takes more than signing our former players to match us? We got their player (Sol Campbell) and gave him the league title but what did they give our own former players? Rejects, disappointments and failed ambition.

Like the saying goes, soldier comes, soldier goes but the barrack remains. The real deal is Wenger and that is the man they can’t find an equal of. The same players that shone like a million stars for Arsenal got to Spurs and became mega flops. They couldn’t have been weary because it wasn’t a long journey. Apparently, Wenger has the midas touch, unfortunately, their plethora of managers, past and present can’t find it.


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