Andrea Pirlo To Arsenal?

Andrea-PirloThere might be a big fish available as early as the winter window. Reports in Italy suggest Italian legend Andrea Pirlo might be quitting the Serie A champions for free in the summer and to prevent him leaving as a free agent, they might just try to cash in on him in the winter window.

He left AC Milan for free penultimate season because they thought he was a spent force only for him to propel the Old Lady to the Scudetto title. Now that Juve might be letting him go, who is ready to take him on board?

The rumour mill have gone to work and have linked him with both Arsenal and Manchester United. At 35, he might be old but still a very potent and exquisite midfielder. Do Arsenal need him? I don’t think so. We are already spoilt for choice in the attacking midfield position with Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla, Rosicky. Wenger don’t even know where to play them, so what’s the sense in acquiring another one? Besides, Wenger isn’t a fan of players in their 30s. When he is reluctant giving Sagna a new 3 year deal because he is in his 30s, why would he sign a player that is already 35?

Another team linked with him is Manchester United. I believe they are in dire need of a player like him and his age shouldn’t scare them. They already have ample aged men in the team a la Giggs and Ferdinand. If they could re-sign Scholes at 37, signing a 35 year old man won’t scare them.


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  1. If you have nothing better to write, then don’t. We are already flooded with midfielders, what a pointless article.

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