Almost Done: Medical on Sunday for midfield star, Announcement to follow shortly

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Aaron Ramsey will reportedly undergo a medical in Turin on Sunday despite reports in England that he has not committed to Juventus.

Depending on where you do your reading, you will have a very different feel for the story that is developing. If you stick to English journalists, they will mostly tell you that nothing is decided and that Ramsey’s camp are still weighing up his options.

A throwaway line in the Spanish report, which has been compiled from English and Italian reports, says Ramsey could even undergo his medical in Italy on Sunday, with an official announcement to follow.

I wouldn’t trust that last bit. I’d be surprised if we got confirmation before the end of the season. When Juve were signing Emre Can from Liverpool they kept denying it until the end of the campaign even though the deal had been signed months previously.

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