40 Million Pounds German Closer To Joining Arsenal But Do They Really Need Him?


Real Madrid seem in serious trouble as there seems to be huge unrest at the Bernabeu. Firstly, it was the deadline day sale of Ozil to Arsenal, a decision that drew huge criticisms from fellow Madrid players, their fans and observers. The ensuing outrage forced them to come out fighting, blaming Ozil for leaving and Ancelotti saying he doesn’t miss him since Real are doing well even though their position on the La Liga table and their points deficit to Barca and cross town rivals Athletico Madrid say otherwise.

Now, another player has spoken out again in what might spark off a scramble for his services. Real Madrid’s remaining German Sami Khedira has revealed that he feels unwanted at the Santiago Bernabeu.

“I feel badly treated by the Spanish press. I am never among their favorites. I began the season on the bench, and again I am the scapegoat. I am not valued, even when my performances are good. I am not Spanish, I did not cost a lot, I am a disciple of Mourinho”

Interesting lamentations from the German ace. He seems to have been picked on owing to his loyalty to erstwhile boss Jose Mourinho. That isn’t a surprise since the Portuguese tactician shared a no love lost relationship with some key Real Madrid players and faithfuls in the twilight of his reign. There are chances that they will take it out on his beloved players after seeing his back. While that might be a valid argument, the fact that Lopez is still in goal with club legend Casillas rooted to the bench means maybe not all of Mourinho’s acquisitions and beloved are hated figures.

The internal wrangling at Madrid is of no direct concern to him but this absolves Ozil of any blame rather it confirms the toxic atmosphere at the club where a good player might just not want to continue.

With Khedira’s outburst, his days at Real are obviously numbered and I would be surprised if he doesn’t leave Los Blancos in the winter window. With reports in the aftermath of the transfer window constantly linking us to him, it will not be too surprising if like the media claims he wants to, he ends up at Arsenal.

However, on a personal note, I do not think we really need him especially not at the hefty price tag ( 40 million ) on him. We already have Flamini, Arteta and Ramsey. Getting Khedira could be tantamount to killing off the little hope Diaby might have of returning to the first team.


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  1. Nice article, but you ended it badly when you mentioned a Diaby hope. He’s not even going to be fit til March/April and he’s never been fit for 2 consecutive months,hence its really risky putting any hope on him at all. If Khedira is available for below 20M,why not?

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