2nd Summer Deal? Arsenal Bids For £65,000-A-Week POWERFUL CB

Kurt Zouma might be on his way from Chelsea to Arsenal this summer according to Emmanuele Giulianelli who is an Italian transfer market guru.

The transfer guru has revealed that Chelsea were recently approached by Arsene Wenger about the possibility of signing the 21-year-old French International. Although Giulianelli is highly reliable, a major obstacle to the deal is the intense high leve of rivalry existing between the two London clubs on and off the field. Another obstacle is the Zouma is the youngest centre-back in Chelsea’s first team as the likes of John Terry, Branislav Ivanovic and Gary Cahill who are all past 30 and appear to have had their best years past them.

At Arsenal, Wenger is looking to sign a defensive partner for Laurent Koscieny who has been the rock of the defense. With the arrival of Antonie Conte next season to Chelsea, it is difficult and almost impossible to see him allow such a move.

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