“Yes, We Will Signing A Striker” Wenger Confirms Big News, The End Of Theo Walcott

In a statement that may annoy Arsenal fans, Arsene Wenger has come out to say he forsees Olivier Giroud leading the line for Arsenal next season although he intends to sign another striker as a result of the injury to Danny Welbeck.

This news will annoy Arsenal fans in that many Arsenal fans feel Wenger should be signing a striker that is good enough to make Giroud a mere bench warmer. It will be purely silly for Wenger to bring in another striker who will only be second choice to Giroud when everyone agrees Giroud is not good enough for a team that is going to be competing for the title.

When asked if he sees Giroud still leading the line for Arsenal next season, Wenger was quoted as saying; Yes”.

“I believe that Danny Welbeck being out now for a long, long time we will be on the road to look for one more striker.

“After that it’s down to compete. Olivier has strong and weak moments so we have to deal with that.

“He is a bit unbelievable – he is in cycles. He scores in spells and then sometimes he scores less.”

However, the signing of another striker by Wenger could well mark the end of Theo Walcott at Arsenal at least. Walcott has been the subject intense media speculation in the last few weeks with reports claiming West Ham are ready to pay as much as 20 million to acquire him from the Gunners.

Personally, I think it will be madness if we do not sign a world class striker this summer however, if we can not sign a world class striker, we should be in a right winger who is prolific. Someone like Henrikh Mkhitaryan or Aubameyang will score tons of goals for Arsenal even though they only play from the winger.


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