Yes He’s Ours – Wenger Talks Up The Quality Of Mertesacker’s Replacement?

Arsenal manager Arsenal Wenger has been talking up the quality of new signing Rob Holding. This follows from his claim that the player has quality.

Holding, 20, ended last season as player of the season for Bolton wanderers but couldn’t save them from being relegated. He joined Arsenal as their third signing of the season and he is expected to ascend to the first team of Arsenal.

Arsenal are currently in the United States for their Pre-season, but Wenger lavished praised on the youngster before the trip. He said:

“[We chose to take him from Bolton] because of his quality,” the manager said before travelling to the United States.

“He’s a young, promising centre back. You don’t find centre backs that often and we can educate them when they’re at that age. We can give them all the ingredients we think are important.

Arsenal are currently without Per Mertesacker. This might see Rob Holding thrown into first team action at the start of the season.

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