Winning at Football Betting Made Simple

Betting on football certainly adds a little excitement to the game but most fans bet with their hearts, giving the Bookies an edge they can exploit to make enormous amounts of money when you consider the number of bettors around the world.

The team over at FanBet may have a solution to this little problem. The way it works is pretty simple, like most good things. FanBet members are able to track leading bettors on the site and see their picks prior to kick-off, they can then run these picks through the odds tracker system which will kick back the best odds for your money at leading Bookies like Bet365 and Paddy Power etc.

Unlike many tipster sites FanBet provides full transparency to their members as betting histories for any pro can be seen at any time.

The site currently only supports Premier League football and the official launch is in August prior to the new season, but fans can sign up now to ensure they get a good username before the best ones are taken.

Visit for more information and a sneak preview of what you can expect come the 2014/15 Premier League Season.


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