Why Wenger Will Find It Easy To Sign Di Maria


Arsenal’s transfer business has been tupsy-turvy all summer with only a signing who is just a rookie and far from been the marquee signing Wenger and Gazidis promised us. The latest development is that Wenger has admitted defeat in his pursuit of Liverpool’s Luis Suarez and have now set sights on Real Madrid’s pair of Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria. It seems it’s constrating fortunes for both players with one wanted and the other surplus to requirements. Benzema is the only top notch natural striker Real have after the sale of Higuain. His importance is even further underlined with their offer of a new contract. You don’t offer an unwanted player a new contract.

As for Di Maria, the imminent arrival of Bale might be his coup de grace. The Welsh star who is set to become the world’s most expensive player who fill in on the left role (where Di Maria currently operates) and that will deprive the Argentine of ample first team football. In the season preceding a world cup year, that would be
inimical to his world cup chances. Should he fail to get regular playing time, his form might drop and that could lead to him been dropped from Argentina’s world cup squad.

I am sure he wouldn’t like that. A move away to a club where regular football is guaranteed at the highest level will certainly interest him and that’s where Arsenal come in. At Arsenal, he will enjoy regular football both at the highest level, Champions League inclusive and that would brighten his chances of making the Albaceleste squad. Should Wenger be successful in his pursuit this time around because Le Prof was on his trail before he secured a move to Benfica, what would he add to the squad?

He will be adding width to the team. For many seasons, in fact since the exit of Pires and Reyes (the same summer), Arsenal have lacked a natural left winger on the left. Every other player that has filled that role ( Rosicky, Hleb, Cazorla, Gervinho) aren’t natural wingers. In Di Maria, we will be getting a natural left winger and all the plus that comes with having one. He would also aid Giroud’s performance. The Frenchman isn’t doing badly with his feet but it is a known fact that his strength is in his aerial ability and that has been under-utilized owing to Arsenal’s lack of good crossers of the ball. Di Maria’s would supply pin-point crosses for aerially dominant Giroud to nod in. For many seasons, Arsenal fans have been clamouring for true quality. Can I say here that quality is not always synonymous with price-tag ( Carroll was bought for 35 million Pounds and lacks any real quality)? Di Maria is massively talented and experienced having played at the highest level at Benfica, Real Madrid and Argentina. He would be adding needed quality on the pitch and winning mentality off it.

In Di Maria, we would be getting a goal scoring winger. Since the exit of Pires and Reyes, Arsenal have lacked a left winger with decent goal haul. Rosicky, Hleb, Gervinho were poor goalscorers, Arshavin did well in his early Arsenal days but the goals soon dried up when his form ebbed away. Di Maria would add goals to our team. The Argentine can contribute 10 goals per season and that can fetch us some more points.

Should the Real Madrid winger arrive, one player sure to be affected will be German ace Lukas Podolski. The former Cologne forward has operated on the left side of the Gunners’ three-man attack but he seems uncomfortable in the role, perpetually complaining he isn’t a winger but a center forward. Di Maria is a natural winger that understands the duties of a winger, hence, would get the nod over a wannabe center forward playing the role. Podolski might just have to slug out the center forward role with Giroud but that’s a battle he isn’t likely to win.

Many years ago, Wenger missed the opportunity of signing Di maria as a promising youngster from Argentina but a chance is presenting itself to him again to sign him now as an experienced star, hopefully, he would seize it.

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One comment

  1. if I was the manager of arsenal, di maria would be my first target
    please watch this video

    I believe if we do these signings we can win the title
    1- L. Bains + Falleini – man u offered only 28 million and if they get they will be more strong so we have to kill that deal, so ma idea my be it’s wrong but guess if we make 28+monreal coz they need other left back, nd both they can add as more power.
    2- A. Williams – 10 million
    3- di maria for 30 million
    4- J. Casser only 2 million

    so I spended 70 + monreal , and I got 5 world class players
    do you know why I didn’t bring striker
    if there’s luck money or if we want to give chance the three strikers we have ( theo , luckas , and geroud ) , they can challenge up front
    and if we need striker we offer dortmond 25 million and him self lewandowisk we can offer 200 a week
    and that’s it, we can challe…… not only challenge but we can win the title

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