Why Transfer Rumours Are Incredibly Frustrating

Arsenal+FC+v+Montpellier+Herault+SC+-+UEFA+Champions+LeagueEvery summer there are the annual transfer rumours, and this summer is no different, Arsenal have already been linked to a whole heap of players, most being absolutely ridiculous, it does seem that Arsenal are always up there being rumoured with more players than any other club, this summer in particular is probably due to our
rumoured £70 million war chest.

What is most frustrating about these rumours is that they will seem ridiculous at first, but then they sink in and give us hope that we will sign these players, despite in reality Arsenal have made no contact regarding the player, and have no interest in them either. Arsenal fans will then expect these rumoured players to sign, but come the end of the transfer window they unsurprisingly don’t arrive. Then for some reason, Arsene Wenger receives a large amount of abuse. And all because some per-pubescent kid has sat in his room making up a total load of crap. This is hugely unfair for the great man as he receives a lot of abuse about players which he has probably looked at but not signed for a perfectly good reason.

These rumours also rarely mean anything because Arsene will have his targets and will try to sign them. He will have targets for each position that he wants, and often the press will just make up rumours according to the style and position of targets that he wants. Wenger also often pulls a rabbit out of the hat in regards to
his signings. Over the last year Wenger signed two players in Cazorla and Monreal, both players who I had never heard of but both are excellent players. So when we say who we want Arsenal to sign and get frustrated when these deals don’t occur, always remember that Arsene knows his targets and will have scouted them all in depth, so before we criticise the signings wait until they have actually played a good amount of game time in Arsenal colours.

P.S. don’t believe anything until it is on arsenal.com


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  1. It is fact that AW never says which players/clubs he has approached, he only ever says “player is interesting”, “who would not be interested in player” etc, but one never knows which player is in the running until one sees it on AFC site that we have signed a player.
    He keeps his business close to the chest.
    To me, if we are linked with a player, i think no he is not coming to AFC, and wait for the players announced by AFC.
    “Wenger also often pulls a rabbit out of the hat in regards to his signings. ”
    I think there is a big rabbit going to be pulled out of the hat this summer.
    AFC fans prepare to be thrilled next season.
    Other fans, be scared.

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