Why The Arrival Of Neymar Would Make It Easier For Arsenal To Sign Fabregas And David Villa

FBL-ESP-CUP-BARCELONA-REALMADRIDFinally, one of the most drawn transfer saga in recent times have been put to bed with the news that Barca have won the race to sign Neymar and the Brazilian will be signing a 5 year deal at the Nou Camp. His arrival is a clear sign of intent that Barcelona are keen to reclaim their seemingly lost status in European football. While Neymar will be adding to the offensive potency of Barca, it will also be casting further doubts on the futures of 2 of their current stars; David Villa and Cesc Fabregas.

Neymar is coming to fill in on the wings considering Messi’s presence through the middle as a false 9. Certainly, with this, Fabregas and Villa will be affected. Fabregas has played more on the left wing since his arrival at the Nou Camp owing to the presence of Xavi in his preferred midfield role while Villa on the other hand has also been forced wide in recent seasons to accommodate the prolific Messi through the middle.

This certainly pits them against the new boy Neymar in the battle for a first team berth. Neymar is the new beautiful bride and with wages of 7 million Euros per year, it won’t be good business to relegate him to the bench. Even Neymar might have to make do with the right wing owing to the presence of Iniesta who operates mainly on the left wing.

Currently, Barca have Sanchez, Pedro Iniesta, Tello, Neymar, Fabregas and Villa jostling for the 2 wing positions alonside Messi. Iniesta will almost certainly pick one slot. He is too vital to the Barca team to be benched while the other space might be handed to Neymar for obvious reasons. What then is the fate of the
remaining five attackers?

Barca might decide to sell Tello but what footballing fate awaits the other experienced four should they decide to stay back at the Nou Camp? Villa is the oldest of the lot and might just be made available for transfer, ditto for Fabregas. If that happens to be the situation, Arsenal should get ready to pounce. Arsenal made a bid for Villa in the winter window but it was rejected, should we try again in the summer and with this new reality on ground, we might succeed.

As for Fabregas, he will certainly be affected. He isn’t a natural winger but was forced there because Guardiola wanted a role for him at all cost but unfortunately, Tito is not a huge fan of him. Cesc has been linked with a move away from Nou Camp but the realization of more bench role in the new season might hasten his departure.

That said, both players have been linked with moves to the Emirates. All that’s important is for Arsenal to make a concrete offer for both of them. I would suggest we make Cesc our priority because he is the younger of the duo and already has Premier league experience playing for us. Also, we can get a younger striker, Villa been in his 30s is not an encouraging news. Why should we be dotting on an old striker when younger strikers like Jovetic, Benteke, Michu and Rooney are available? We should focus on getting a long term solution rather than a stop gap. Barca will be keen to let go of Fabregas and Villa so as to reduce their wage bill which has soared up owing to the acquisition of Neymar and if there is a good time to launch a raid for Fabregas, it is now

Should we decide to take up the Fabregas option, it will add bite to the first team. He can slot into the midfield alongside Wilshere with Cazorla moving permanently to the wings. If he returns, Ramsey, Rosicky and Arteta depending on whether or not Wenger brings in a new defensive midfielder, will all drop to the bench. That as it may, his presence will strengthen the team and improve Giroud’s goal returns. With Fabregas in the team, we will create more chances and certainly, score more goals.

But I wonder why Barca will want to let go of Fabregas. Has he lost his DNA so soon? If so, how bad. It’s obvious he returned ahead of time, making his return unappreciated. He cannot play his natural role because of Xavi’s presence and cannot thrive well on the wings because he lacks the requisite skills there. With Neymar
coming on board, even the wing role becomes a luxury. To have a talent like Fabregas’ waste away on the bench is unfair. Fabregas needs regular football to retain his regular spot in La Fura Roja ahead of the 2014 World Cup. If he cannot get it at Nou Camp, Emirates is ever willing to receive the prodigal son.


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  1. I still live in a dreamland imaging Fabregas dorning our red and white jersey again. But I doubt it. However, i wont show any piety for fransesc.He forced his move away from us.Thats a big letdown. Though i wish,but it is not compulsory. We can make it without him. Im on the fence though…

  2. Although I was not happy when Fabregas forced his way out, I would gladly want him back, because I do think he is one player who can make a difference to us, and he truly does love Arsenal.

  3. I’ll be glad to have Cesc Fab back at the groove even if it is on loan while he awaits the retirement of xavi. With Fab in an arsenal shirt, our strikers would enjoy the luxury of missing goals while they score braces and hat tricks at will because he(fab) will always creat goal scoring opportunities. How many goals have Adebaya scored after he left the groove? Very few, that is because he no longer enjoys the services he got from cesc. Ade used to miss at least 5 times before he scores one.

  4. Fabregas is one player who had indicated to Wenger that he would one time go back to Barcelona.He did just that-his dream.We must swallow our pride and get him back because he still loves Arsenal

  5. Fab will 4ever b welcome @ the emirate (his adopted homeland)but i fear manchester united are also monitoring him and wenger is a dull bergainer.

  6. fabulos Fabregas coming back!that would be great come back but I doubt it!but never say never !

  7. we are welcoming him back.b’coz he still have a quoter in arsenal.even though he upset the whole of arsenal fans by showing his interest in barca.

  8. Wenger has to take him back if he is available.

    Carzola on the left, Walcott on the right, Giroud or Podolski in the middle, Jack behind Cesc and Arteta behind him. Carzola 15 goals, Cesc 12 goals, Walcott 20+, Strikers 20+, Jack 8, Arteta 8, others 8+, 85+ goals in the BPL, Let in only 35 = Premier League championship

  9. Having cecs back will help our team a lot, cos when is in the team he contributte a lot ,cos partaning to the midfield it is very hard to break the midfield and even in english league all the midfielder known that their is a midfilder in arsenal,by this by taking fabregas back will be ok..

  10. iindeed i don’t like the way he behaved but reminds me his qualities and passing accuracy it’s hard to ignore.welcome a prodigal son

  11. Cesc Fabrigas, i always called him Dr of passes. If dis is so dat is coming back 2 Arsenal i wl b very very glad see him wearing our white & red jersey carryin wth d logo of gunner’s. U’r highly welcum anytine, anyday @ Emirate stadium ‘Doctor”…

  12. Fab is just fabulous. His services will ensure strikers like girroud, podolski, walcot or even the worst like bendtner could score more goals for us. He is the answer of our attacking machines…..luv u cesc

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