Why Sanogo Should Be Loaned To A Premier League Team Once He Joins

Yaya-SanogoThe signing of Yaya Sanogo, 20, seems to be close to confirmation as Arsene Wenger said ‘I am very confident'( about the deal), which means that it must be almost a certainty as he is usually never one to openly talk about the transfer market and especially his transfer targets unless the deal is almost done.

Once he arrives at Arsenal it seems unlikely that he will be in the first team, as we already have some options up front and it seems likely that another striker will arrive this summer. Therefore I think it would be very useful for Sanogo and for Arsenal if he were to be loaned out to another premier league team to gain valuable
experience in the league. Romelu Lukaku showed last year whilst on loan at West Brom that he was a very good premier league player, and I believe it would be very useful for Sanogo himself.

It has also been shown by Arsenal’s current and previous French recruits that it takes time to adjust to the premier league Koscielny, Giroud etc. and we won’t want to wait for a player in an important a position as striker to fully settle in, shown by Giroud last autumn.

Also by playing for another premier league club we will be able to see if he is the real deal or not. At a club like Arsenal, where every game is a must win, we can’t risk a youngster to see if he is good enough and then find out that he isn’t by losing the game, so if Sanogo plays for another English team we can find out whether he
really is good enough to play for a team of Arsenal’s quality and Arsenal don’t have to waste any time with him.

Confidence is also a factor, let’s say that Sanogo goes on loan and scores a load of goals, he will then think that he can come back to Arsenal score the same amount if not more the next season. It will also be great for Arsenal, if we can have a different striking option.

The Auxerre chairman spoke about the possibility of Sanogo returning to Auxerre on loan if the player isn’t ready to play for Arsenal, but I for one would much prefer it that if Sanogo isn’t ready for Arsenal yet that he be loaned out to another premier league club. Do you agree?

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One comment

  1. Yes, let’s loan all our new young recruits out instead of them learning the Arsenal way by training and playing with the players that they should be getting to know on and off the field.

    How many loaned out players have actually succeeded in gaining first team football? Apart from Jack Wilshere all the others have turned into failures as far as staying at Arsenal is concerned.

    As regards Yaya Sanogo, he is twenty, and if he is as good as they say, he should be given first team opportunities. Over the years many younger players have played regularly for Arsenal without diminishing the teams capabilities.

    Also against Bradford with regards to the penalty shoot out, who scored the only two goals and who missed, this is something that argues against experience being the deciding factor. If they are good enough then give them a chance.

    With regards to Ryo Miyaichi, he should also be with the first team next season, after all he was given a work permit based on being a special talent, rather hypocritical then not to give hom a chance. I think this loaning business should be scrapped all together.

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