Why Julio Cesar Would Be A Good Signing For Arsenal

julio_cesar_portiere_interTo many Arsenal fans, signing a new experienced goal keeper is a must if the club must do well in major competitions next season. And we have many targets Mignolet, Begovic, Adler and Cesar. In this article, I am going to put forward the case for Cesar.

Firstly I have to make it clear that I believe Wenger wants Szczesny to be an Arsenal goalkeeper for the long term, so signing Mignolet or Begovic is unlikely, it also means that Cesar would be an even better option because he is an experienced shot-stopper. His experience would not only help Arsenal as it means he could easily slot into our 1st team but it also means that he could help Szczesny as he is young and inexperienced. As Cesar has played top level football for both club and country, being capped 67 times by Brazil, he could offer Szczesny invaluable advice which will not only help the gunners for the coming season, but many beyond that too.

Secondly there is the competition factor; Last season Szczesny dipped out of form when Mannone was first choice keeper, as Mannone wasn’t much competition, but when Fabianski took Szczesny’s place it looked like he started to play much better, so with the competition from Cesar it could lead to a real fight for the first team jersey, leading to two much improved goalkeepers. I also believe that Cesar will be available for a very reasonable fee as QPR won’t want his wages on board, and he won’t want to be a championship footballer.

What this means for Fabianski and Mannone: if we signed Cesar then it would mean that we would have 4 keepers on our books which is 1 more than we realistically need. Fabianski has shown that he is a good keeper and would be a reliable 3rd choice keeper, as for Mannone I believe it is better both for his career and Arsenal that he moves on, we don’t want to have to pay his wages if he were to be a 4th choice keeper and he would definitely want more game time and possibly a return to Italy.

In the worst case scenario it means that Arsenal have two top quality keepers on their hands. It’s not the end of the world is it?


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  1. Arsenal has good keepers who can fight for top 4. Unless you want Cesar to lead us to Championship football like QPR. Let him rescue QPR first. He seems a money love. Because with his “class”, why did he go to QPR at his age and experience.

    We have a top quality young man who loves the club from his heart and we don’t want to mix with money grabbers.

  2. Atleast Remy who showed true love for Arsenal from his time in France even when he signed for QPR. Those are the players we want to fight for their love, not the ones on transt.

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