Why Jovetic Is Not A £30 Million Man!

joveticIf the reports from the media are to be believed, Arsenal’s main transfer target Stevan Jovetic has had a £30 million price tag slapped on him by his current club Fiorentina. That price alone is enough to put off any club, let alone a penny-pinching Arsenal!

The big question at this point in time is that is Jovetic really worth it? Arsenal fans are clearly divided over this matter as we know he has all the qualities to become a great player for Arsenal. However, for £30 million, surely Wenger is reluctant to splash this kind of cash, which would almost double the previous record transfer for The Gunners.

Jovetic’s ability to play in an attacking midfield role as well as centre forward, or if need be on the wing, is a great asset of the Fiorentina number 8. His ability to create as well as capitlise on goal scoring opportunities has made him one of the most dangerous players in the Serie A.

A move for the Montenegrin forward has been well documented over last few months, with Jovetic himself stating “I’ve always had an affinity with Arsenal.” So the interest is apparently from both sides of the fence. The only problem is how big the FEEnce will be for Wenger to jump over and bring Jovetic over to the Arsenal paddock.

While we know Jovetic is a young (only 23), classy player, a price tag of 30 million is a poor evaluation. It’s obvious Fiorentina are trying to leech as much coin as they can from their best player. Which is understandable. Another hinderance is Jovetic’s Agent who constantly baulks at Arsenal’s inquiries, as well as Juventus’, in order to drive his players price sky high and start a bidding war.

The Fiorentina captains ability is clear for all who watch him to see. However, his stats from this season show that he has struggled at times with 31 games played (all started) with only 13 goals and 5 assists. Surely a player with a £30 million price tag should be in at least the 20’s for goals scored and somewhere in the teens for assists, for a player who rotates from attacking midfielder to centre forward.

Therefore, Wenger (once again) has got his valuations for Jovetic absolutely spot-on, with projected fee somewhere between £18-£22 million.

This fee is a fair reflection of Jovetic’s age, flair, talent and skill, as well as realising he is still yet reach a ‘world class’ standard and having yet been tested in the greatest and toughest league in the world. If Fiorentina continue hold out for the reported £30 million fee, they will be denying a gifted footballer an opportunity to test himself on the highest level with one of the most prestigious clubs in the world.

Surely the right option for Fiorentina, would be to sell to a club not in their league for a reasonable fee so they can bring in one or two quality players. Hopefully for Arsenal’s sake, the Florence-based club opt for this outcome.


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