Why Giroud Will Remain Second Choice – Arsene Wenger

Beginning this season, Arsenal have resorted to playing with Alexis Sanchez as the lead attack and it has paid off, he has scored five goals in eight matches.

Arsenal striker has been left on the bench more often than not for Arsenal but he is currently recovery from a toe injury but his place in the team is in doubt.

Wenger is happy with how Sanchez is playing in his new role but admits Giroud offers something different.

“I think from game to game he’s improving in this position,” he said.

“It’s completely different style to Giroud, but he’s more of a dribbler, a guy who comes to the ball, a guy who runs at people with the ball.

“Olivier is more of a player who brings other players in. They are two interesting styles.

“For example, in a game like at Burnley when we couldn’t score you would’ve liked to have had Olivier with you.

“People always ask you why does he not play, but if you only have one striker to go in the team people say as well why don’t you have another striker? You cannot play with one.

“We have as well Lucas, who is doing very well. Welbeck is coming back.”

But Wenger isn’t sure of Giroud’s role when he returns from injury.

“I don’t know yet,” he added.

“Alexis can also play on the flank like he has before. He’s happy to play on the flank or up front.

“I will have to try to find the best solution game by game.”

Knowing that Wenger sticks to what works, I doubt Giroud can return to our first team.


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