Why Gazidis’ Statement May Be Disastrous For Arsenal


This title maybe slightly misleading, as I like most of you will, think that this is a great thing, the ability to sign ‘top, top, top’ players and compete successfully with the big clubs in Europe, not just teams like Spurs and Liverpool.

However there are issues with Gazidis saying that Arsenal will have new financial powers, firstly clubs and players will start to demand much larger fees and wages. We have already seen hugely inflated prices in the transfer markets recently due to the massive amounts of cash flying around from clubs like city and Chelsea.

Opposition chairmen will realise now that Arsenal have an improving financial status and consequently demand more, however the difference between Arsenal and these other clubs is that currently our budget is limited, so if for each of our signings cost £5 million extra then it could mean that we end up missing out on one player worth £15 million which would be quite a substantial loss, given that we could be missing out on a player of Santi’s quality. The other issue that I have with this is that with expensive signings come huge wages, this could create a bit of a rift amongst the squad given that our current top earner is being paid £100 thousand a week, it could also mean that we have another situation similar to Walcott’s where a player demands more than they are currently earning and consequently jeopardising the position of the club.

However I am being very pedantic about the whole situation and the way that Gazidis said that we have bags of money, because I am extremely happy about this increase in funds, I just believe that Gazidis could have said it in a slightly less open and direct way.

Jack Horsey

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  1. Lol!! ‘We have money’ is ‘we have money’ no matter how you say it!! Am really excited by our financial status (the fact that it can still improve) and how it will affect Arsenals future!! Up Gunners!!

  2. Wait, a second, you think other clubs get there information about Arsenal’s financial position from what Gazidis says to the media? Your premise is faulty my friend

  3. It will never happen. You analysis is totally wrong. Arsenal is not a club who spend money in market simply. Still top people in Arsenal including Wenger is more profit oriented than trophies.

    So Arsenal will think 100 times when they spend money. No doubt about this. Still i have doubt Arsenal is having mentality to think beyond 4th position. May be they will spend money with full attention and carefully.

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