Why Arsenal Will Not Need A New Striker Once They Sign Ozil And Di Maria


Another week, another rumour(s). This time we’ve been linked to both Di Maria and Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid. Both are outstanding players, both are young enough (25 & 24 respectively) to have their best years in front of them – but are these the positions that Arsenal need to prioritise?

There’s no doubting that both are the exact quality and caliber of player that Arsenal have been crying out for and would improve the squad dramatically but surely a top centre forward is the real position the club should look to be recruiting for? Giroud still seems to be developing – but to what standard? Walcott wants his chance through the middle – but does he have the physical attributes to go along with his pace?

Di Maria playing out wide would enable Theo to push through the middle and give him the chance to prove he can fill Thierry’s boots. Surely the vision and passing of someone as good as Ozil would then allow him to find the killer ball for Theo to run onto? The only problem would be Theo’s hold up play and strength on the ball – but what a mouth watering prospect it would be to see all 3 creating havoc in opposition defences!

Having both of the ex-Real players join Arsenal would maybe hinder some of the younger player’s opportunities at 1st team level (something we all know Arsene loves to do) but think of the quality in the squad and the option to rotate world class players for other world class players? And surely training with these types of players would drive the youngsters to work extra hard in their development and rise to the challenge.

Ozil is clearly not happy (stormed down tunnel in last match after being substituted), Di Maria seems to be available and Real need to sell to generate funds to buy over-priced Bale and re-generate their bank statements.

Bearing all this in mind, surely the question isn’t do we need these 2 players but what additional centre forward can we buy to compliment what we have and make the team even stronger? Think of the extra interest from both media and sponsors, think of the excitement from supporters and the chance to finally brag to other fans of the quality of players Arsenal are finally buying. Shirt sales would go through the roof and fans would actually have a great choice of names to have on the back of their shirts instead of just Wilshere or Walcott.

More importantly, think of the statement from the club and manager to all the press, ex-Arsenal players who like to stick the knife in and rival premiership teams.
Arsenal are back.

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  1. Di maria and Ozil are not leaving Madrid soon. Di maria wants to fight for his place, while Ozil just signed a long-term deal with Adidas, meaning he is not moving to nike or Puma soon. Sorry, but that’s a reality.

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