Why Arsenal Shouldn’t Sign Benteke This Summer

bentekeThere has been a lot of complaint recently from many Arsenal fans about why Arsene hasn’t made a bid for young Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke, but I am going to discuss why we don’t actually need him this summer.

First and foremost I have to say that Benteke had an incredible debut season for Aston Villa, scoring 23 goals in all competitions. But the first reason that I don’t think that we should sign him is because he is too similar to our current striker Giroud. This is also why I don’t think that Wenger will sign him as he already rejected the opportunity to sign Ba who he claimed was too similar to Giroud. There is no current need for Benteke because we don’t need two strikers who are exactly the same, as any opposition who can defend Giroud with relative ease would also be able to defend Benteke with relative ease.

Another reason why I don’t think that we should sign Benteke this summer is because Benteke could be a one season wonder, in which his form this season could never be replicated. For example both Papiss Cisse and Chamakh had very good starts upon arriving in the premier league, but have never replicated that form consistently. I also believe that Giroud has a lot more to offer next season, as his stats show that he performs a lot better during his second season at a club than in the first season. Next season he will also have had a chance to develop relationships within the club and it is always harder for some than others to play in a new country for the first time. I also believe that there are many better options for Arsene to target, those who have proved that they are world class strikers year in year out, eg. Higuain and Rooney. I also think that it is time for Arsenal to change tactics up front. Wenger had recently employed a target man quite frequently but I think that we should get a striker that is shorter, faster and more suited to Arsenal’s passing type of play.

What do you think Arsenal fans?

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  1. Arsenal for sure should sign Rooney if they wanted to keep relationship with fans

  2. I also suggest that Wenger should not leave Jevotic to be sign by any premier league clubs because he is going played well and Wenger will continue regreting. So to avoid that Let him brings likes of Rooney, Jovetic, and former captain Casc Fabrigas plus one defensive midfilder

  3. Well since we lost to Villa and Benteke scored 2 plus he just scored against chelsea and his performance stats for Villa are the best since Dwight York. I think you are totally wrong, if you look at Girouds performance in comparison there is no comparison

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