Why Arsenal Should Not Buy Benzema


There have been reports in the media that Arsenal have been offered Real Madrid”s French striker Karim Benzema for a cut price of 20 million Pounds. That might sound like a good news which Arsenal should seize without a second thought since our other targets would cost more in cash and persuasion but I think otherwise. I think Benzema been offered to Arsenal is a gift horse and the Gunners should tread carefully.

Arsenal already have a risk in Sanogo but the young Frenchman was a decent one since he arrived as a free agent with paltry salary but Benzema would be a bigger one. Why go for a bigger risk? Just in the summer, he was valued at 40 million Pounds but now Real is offering him to us on a platter of gold for half the price. In the summer, he was Les Bleus’ first choice striker but now he is a back up to Giroud who is Arsenal’s striker. If he can’t bench Giroud for France, will he do that at Arsenal? Giroud is already settled at the Emirates while Benzema will still have to adapt. Isn’t 20 million Pounds and over 100k Pounds weekly wages too much to expend on a player that would be cooling his heels off on the bench?

We should even be suspicious of Real sudden benevolence and willingness to sell him to us few months after declaring he wasn’t for sale? Now, what has changed? Could it be that he is now surplus to requirements? I doubt that since he is their only recognized striker.

Could it also be because they want to bring in a new striker? Probably but Falcao wouldn’t be joining until next summer at the earliest according Perez so why the willingness to sell their only recognized striker in the winter window? Could be because they are in debt? If they are, they won’t be offering him at half the price and ready to move for a 53 million Pounds rated replacement. They could have offered him and cash for Falcao.

Could it be that he is now seen as useless and not good enough? Seems the most likely reason. With just 2 goals in 8 La Liga matches so far this season, that isn’t a surprise. Arsenal are in the hunt for a striker but should go for an upgrade to Giroud, not an egocentric player who will demand for huge wages but won’t provide the dividends on the field.


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  1. First of all I have to say that personly I prefer somebody like Falcao or surez which I don’t believe that’s possible, but Benzema can be not be a useless striker and he has shown if he is not the best but one of best striker, in the other hand every new coach has special way to play or special type of player demand to his style of football, anyway he can not be flop but a good back up for Giroud and you can not compare Benzema with Sanogo I think it’s not fair.

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