Why Arsenal Cannot Afford To Sign Both Rooney And Fabregas In The Same Window

Wayne Rooney To ArsenalIt is the season of transfers and Arsenal are not left out of the vicious cycle. The Gunners are in the market for new players spread across different positions to bolster the squad. Wenger has been given an unprecedented transfer warchest of 70 million Pounds to spend this summer.

Arsenal have been linked with plethora of players from the lofty to the ridiculous. Top of the list are Rooney, Fabregas and Jovetic. As good as it sounds to hear Arsenal been linked with big money signings, we don’t have the transfer warchest to bankroll the moves. The attack is just one of the numerous areas Arsenal need to
strengthen ahead of the new season; the defence, goalkeeping and defensive midfield are the other areas. It is impossible to expect Wenger to sign both Rooney and Jovetic owing to the fact that both players play virtually the same role, even buying Rooney and Fabregas is also looking very unlikely. A move for both players would eat deep into Wenger’s transfer warchest.

Both Cesc and Rooney are rated at 25 million pounds each which amounts to 50 million Pounds. If that is added to the monies we are likely to spend to plug other holes; Goalkeeper (10 million Pounds), defensive midfielder (12 million Pounds), Grenier (10 million Pounds), central defender (10 million Pounds), that makes 92 million Pounds which means we have overshot our budget by 22 million Pounds. How then can we plug the deficit? We don’t have good sellable players. This summer, we are having many of our fringe players going for free; Arshavin, Fabianski, Bendtner, Squillaci and Chamakh while the likes of Andre Santos and Denilson might have their contracts also canceled because they are surplus to requirements at Arsenal and cannot seem to find permanent residence at the clubs they had loan spells owing to the artificial wages Arsenal bestowed on them. The only sellable players we have are Thomas Vermaelen, Johan Djourou and Gervinho. Vermaelen is unlikely to fetch us more than 12 million Pounds while Djourou might not fetch more than 4 million Pounds.

Gervinho might be going on loan rather than an outright sale and his destination might be Lyon to pave way for the smooth transfer of Grenier. All these sales still leave us with a deficit of 6 million Pounds. Wenger is not known to spend all his warchest and we don’t know if the 70million Pounds is for the summer alone or both the summer and winter windows. With this, it is obvious that we can’t realistically expect to sign Rooney and Cesc Fabregas in the same window ( whether we actually need both is a discussion for another day ).

That said, the real battle is in the transfer of Rooney and Fabregas. Seem Arsenal won’t be able to buy both of them and might have to settle for just one. That brings me to the crux of my piece. Who should Wenger go for, Rooney or Cesc? It is said that a known devil (Fabregas) is better than an unknown angel (Rooney) and reasons are highlighted below. Fabregas was an Arsenal player before moving to Barcelona which means he understands the Gunners’ style of play and won’t take long for him to settle in unlike Rooney that will be joining freshly and will have to adapt to Arsenal’s style which is not like Manchester United’s .

In terms of wages, Fabregas’ wages is tolerable. While at Arsenal, Fabregas earned 110k Pounds and coming back, he can’t earn more than that. The current Arsenal’s wage structure can accommodate that unlike Rooney that earns a pocket-tearing 250k Pounds per week. Should he even accept a pay-cut, Arsenal will still have to shatter
the current wage structure to grant it. Bending the rules for Rooney could create tension in the dressing room with other top players demanding for an upward contract review. I doubt if Arsenal can afford to grant everybody increased wages.

In terms of playing style, Fabregas offers something different and difficult to get in the transfer market while Rooney on the other hand offers something different but common and available in the market. Rooney is prolific, at least more prolific than our current strikers but the good thing is that we can afford to get what he will offer us for cheap else where. Instead of churning out 25million pounds for Rooney, we can afford to get Benteke and Villa for a combined fee of 25million Pounds. Villa boasts of more experience than Rooney in big games and can offer us the versatility Wenger wants while Benteke will offer us that Premier League experience and long term solution we crave.

I believe Fabregas’ body language will be that of gratitude for been given a second chance after goofing with his forced move back to Barcelona and he will want to give his all to atone for the past mistakes while Rooney’s body language could be that of arrogance, believing Arsenal is a step below his station (considering the club hasn’t won a trophy in donkey years). Hence, he might frown at competition for places, feeling he should walk straight into the team.

I won’t mind Rooney at Arsenal but he is a luxury transfer but will run to get Fabregas because he is a necessity that will aid even the current crop of players.

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  1. Oh dear you have been pulled in to the silly comments about a £70m war chest. Chances are the £70m isn’t really available, but just be clear it is nonsense to say that Arsenal cannot afford both Cesc and Rooney in the same window AND buy other players.

    1) Last financial accounts showed over £120m in the bank;
    2) New commercial deals are coming on stream that will more than double the annual income in due course – believe me if the sponsors believed there was possibility of big signings and therefore additional limelight for them in due course, advances would be well accessible;
    3) The sale of some 10 players could easily net £40m + – and the weekly wages savings would be circa £500k?
    4) If people wanted to go down the ‘sugar daddy’ route, almost 30% of Arsenal’s shares are owned by the richest man in England.

    Arsenal CAN afford, but will almost 100% certainly CHOOSE not to do anything.

    1. Seems you are quick to judge mate. The article only used the 70m pounds warchest that has been brandied around by the media and that was confirmed at the AST. Obviously not all the money in the bank will be spent on the players. There are other aspects of a club that need funding.

      Only the Emirates money will be available and that can easily go into playing the new players that will come in and let’s not forget the new players that are coming in will be paid. This was not factored into the 70m.

      Who are the 10 players mate? Most of these youth players were released and not sold. Those that were sold to other clubs we will only get minimal fee for and let’s not forget the fact that there is always another budget for the reserves and if the reserves is releasing 18 ( not 10 ) players, it only makes sense if more are coming in the replace them as we are not getting rid of the reserves. Obviously.

      I am going to be ignoring the 4th point you raised cos it will take me way too much for me to explain it to you.

  2. Imagin nonsence talk dat arsenal can not afford signin of rooney nd fabrigas together, football dis days is all about spendin big on good players nd win trophies, how do u tink arsenal can win trophies wit players like giroud, walcult, gervinho, ramsey, ox, sagna nd co, wenger philosophy about signin can neva work, he has tried it for good 8yrs without a single trophy. For us to win trophies, we need to spend big on good players like fab, rooney, huguain, jovetic, stop tinkin about useless players u always sign every season an tink of winin trophies for us, we are tired of trophiless. Tanks

    1. Football is all about trophy? Ask Portsmouth fans if they will not trade the trophy they want 4 years ago to come back to the EPL. People go about talking about trophies forgetting about the future of the club.

      And you do not come here saying “imagine nonsense talk”. Be civil with your comments. Argue your points without abusing anyone. The writer after all only argued his own points, why not argue yours without the abuse?

  3. I will prefer both player then we forget grenier siince frabegas is will be in the middle then we will shift carzolar to. The flank
    Because of the premier league expirence nd champions league expirince den
    So both frabegas and carzola can not be @ the middle at the same time and non of them can be on the bench too so carzola can move to the flank then we forget genier

  4. If Rooney wants to play for England he would well be advised to take a massive pay cut, after all you can only spend so much money, but your glory in the national team is a legendary thing. He would be able to play with a good few of his team mates which will only benefit England. But we have to wait and see what sort of priorities he has.
    Great goal by Ox and great goal by Rooney against Brazil.

  5. If arsenal want to go empty handed next season, dey shud nt buy gud players. Cesc fabregas,rooney and jevotic good players wenger nid to buy.

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