Why Arsenal Can Win The Premier League Next Season

Arsenal+FC+v+Montpellier+Herault+SC+-+UEFA+Champions+LeagueIt is incontrovertible that a club of Arsenal’s standing shouldn’t be settling for a mere top 4 finish every season, they should be in the thick of the fight for the league title and the drought of trophies shouldn’t stretch to 8 seasons but if wishes were horses, beggars will ride. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case and Arsenal have been without the league for 9 years and any trophy for 8 seasons. After edging Tottenham to make top 4, fans believe it is high time for Wenger and the Arsenal hierarchy to raise the bar and go for the title rather than settling for just UEFA Champions League football. I believe firmly that the time is finally ripe for the Gunners to reclaim their rightful positions amongst the Premier League teams. The lessons the players and management have learnt this season coupled with taking right decisions in the summer could propel us to the summit of the league at the end of next season. Here are my reasons why I believe the time is finally ripe for us to win the Premier League again after such a long hiatus.

Peaceful summer

In recent seasons, the summer has always been a turbulent period for Arsenal. The period has become the time our top players are lured by the dangling carrot of money and silverware and with them having a short time left on their contracts, they browbeat the club into selling them. The project which was at the cusp of completion comes falling flat on its face. The exit of top goal scorer, Robin Van Persie and influential midfielder, Alex Song hampered Arsenal’s chances of winning the Premier
League in the just concluded season. Our chances were spurned even before the competition started but things look set to be different this time around with no top player with a running out contract except Bacary Sagna and even the French defender was below par last season. His exit won’t hurt the club like that of Van Persie and Song. The core of the first team will be staying together and this will help preparation ahead of the new season. The new players coming in won’t be bedeviled with the pressure of hitting the ground running like Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla rather, they will have the time to bed in.

Arsenal ready to spend

It seems this summer will be deviation from the norm. The Gunners are preparing to flex their financial muscles in the transfer market. Arsenal have been linked with plethora of players across all positions, that is no news since that has always been the story but the news is that the management and even Wenger are keen to invest in quality this summer in order to make the Gunners well placed to fight for top titles.

Managerial shuffle

This doesn’t really affect Arsenal but the Gunners can cash in on the turbulence and instability in the camp of their rivals to make a statement. Things are not the same at Manchester United with Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement. His successor David Moyes will have to build his own team and that will take time. Arsenal had a turbulent summer last summer, seems it’s Manchester United’s turn this summer. With the transfer request issued by star striker Wayne Rooney, the Red Devils are in for a stormy summer if they cannot persuade him to retract it. At the camp of their neighbours, the storm is really raging with the sack of former boss Roberto Mancini. A new manager will be taking over and the media are touting Malaga boss Manuel Pellegrini. While his quality isn’t in doubt, the fact that he is moving over to a new league might affect him a bit. His team might not just hit the ground running and that might affect their title challenge. For Chelsea, Jose Mourinho seems the anointed candidate. He isn’t new to the league having managed the Blues some years back but he won’t be having the luxury of the same team he had back then. He had the players at their prime then but now, some of them are gone while those still around are old and knackered. The style of play is also different now. As against the team he built that had more of efficient and sturdy players, the team he will be inheriting have players with flair. The defence he is inheriting isn’t as solid as the one he built. I doubt if he will have Abrahimovic’s huge financial backing this time like he had back then.

You might all be wondering how all the instability in the camp of others can help us win the title. Simple, they might not start well and if we do, we can have a healthy lead and with the lesson on how to hold on to the finishing line that we learnt in the just concluded season, we just might nick it without having to break the bank like them all.


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  1. i believe zat arsenal will spent huge mony b/s they have learnt from their last 9 year foult.

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